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Twitter Updates for 2011-11-12

  • @mhouston77 I will be at the expo tomorrow Noon to 4. #
  • @jeffbrittain Crazy traffic today. #
  • @KatherineHopper Good luck tomorrow. #
  • @MsJillianLeigh See U in Philly should be a fun weekend. #
  • @aarongeek Run smart tomorrow, the first one is special, enjoy the journey. #
  • Heading over to the Norfolk Freedom Half Marathon expo. I will be there from Noon to 4. #
  • Heading over to the expo @CarissaAnneB Thanks for your help yesterday. #
  • @sutahonthebeach I was on my bicycle in Idaho they thought I was crazy. Why would I go to NJ and of all places Long Branch. #
  • @sutahonthebeach Funny I don't eat banana bread. #
  • @CarissaAnneB @run4veterans Thanks for your help at the expo. #
  • @MandyMeyer Keep on running, big day in Richmond today. #
  • @Joe_M_Lopez @LaraeTX @austinmarathon I will be Austin next month and I will return for the Austin Marathon. #
  • @allyspeirs I'm not running tomorrow Thanks for helping the race. #
  • @runcupcake Thanks, keep on running I'm happy to be # 400. #
  • @aarongeek Start out slowly, you can start to push asfter mile 20. I want you to do many marathons. To do that you have enjoy the first one. #
  • @MarathoningMom Funny, you didn't rust, the rest will help you recover. #
  • @LauraBrown8 Good luck, enjoy the first one, Guaranteed PR. My quote for U "Running isn’t about how far you go but how far you’ve come." #
  • @sutahonthebeach I was the Snookie of the 90's. #
  • @jeffbrittain Thanks for stopping by today, see you for dinner. #
  • Today the Casablanca Classic served as a memorial for Jerry Friesen. Jody sent me a text "800 runners Jerry would have been so happy". #
  • RunjpRun JP Bedard
    RT Tips for @RunjpRun .. Any tips for Leadville 50? Any people whom I should talk to? Plz retreat to your tribe. #
  • Record # of runners in Richmond today 17,073, Marathon drew in 4,922,Half Marathon had a record 7,493 & 8k had 4,658 participants. #
  • @azewde Congrats on the sub 4 !!!! #