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Twitter Updates for 2011-11-03

  • @monicular @ryanhall3 @nyrrmaryruns Thanks for running with us tonight,I will be cheering for you on Sunday. #
  • Jerry will always be a running legend. #
  • @FabianBuchheim Yes I will be there 12 to 5:30. Stop by the Runner's World booth. #
  • @ThePeterAbraham That is awesome buddy. In NYC for the big one. #
  • @dnemetz20194 That is the same as a Yasso 800s workout. #
  • @RUNgiaRUN Thanks for running with us last night. #
  • @lindsaycrouse @runnersworld I will be at the RW booth 12 to 5:30. #
  • @TKMarathonMan @runnersworld That is to funny. #
  • @wordstorunby Thank you I only met your Mom that one day but she touched me with her kind words. #
  • #
  • At the Barbados marathon a cop asked Jerry Friesen I know you guys are brothers but are you twins.Everybody thought we were brothers. #