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Marine Corps Marathon Expo: Bart Yasso, free samples and a deluxe Porta Potty

Marine Corps Marathon Expo: Bart Yasso, free samples and a deluxe Porta Potty

Yes, that’s a REAL headline from the

There’s always comedy in running, isn’t there?

And the part about deluxe port-a-potties is absolutely true. Any runner wearing Brooks MCM 2009 apparel or Brooks shoes on race day gets to use their VIP port-a-potties along the course, which feature flushing toilets, partitioned stalls, climate control, a fragrance dispenser, hot and cold water complete with oak vanity and mirrors.

Running Ain’t No Rodeo ~ Thought For The Day

runningrodeo21RUNNING AIN’T NO RODEO.

If you see a runner with their race number on their back you know it’s their first race. Welcome them to the greatest sport on the planet. Then use my line: RUNNING AIN’T NO RODEO. Put that bib number on your chest.

Sequel To My Life On The Run?

myhairontherun1It seems like it must be time I come out with a sequel to My Life on The Run. So many people I meet who have read My Life On the Run, are ready to read more about my crazy adventures. They keep asking when is my second book coming out and what’s it going to be called. I don’t know when it’s coming out but I’ve already heard some crazy suggestions for titles. My wife jokingly has already named the second book numerous times.


My Life on the Couch

My Life as a Sofa Spud

My Life as a Joggernaut

My Life with the Kitty Cat

and the bogus titles go on and on.

Susan, a former co-worker of mine came up with this fake book cover last year: My Hair On The Run. See attached pdf of the fake prequel. My life as a long-haired hippy is a book in itself!

Iraq Update: Major McClung Memorial Half Marathon


Thank you to Kevin Martin for keeping me updated on the Major Megan McClung Memorial Half  I wrote about last month. I met Kevin during the Warrior Tours at the base called Al Asad. I learned that Major McClung was the first female Marine officer killed in the Iraq war, as well as the first female graduate of the United States Naval Academy to be killed in action since the school was founded in 1845. She was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetary on December 19, 2006.

McClung was a triathlete (having competed in six Ironman competitions) and a marathoner. In October 2006, she organized and ran in the Marine Corps Marathon’s satellite competition. Kevin sent this photo from the run held on August 15th and wrote to say that they had over 400 runners and 100 volunteers take part. That is awesome.