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George Yasso Memorial 5K, August 1, 2009 – Registration Now Open




HERE IS A MAP of the 5K course:


GEORGE YASSO Memorial 5K Run & Walk

Run or walk the hilliest 5K in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley

Sponsored by St. Luke’s Hospital and the Borough of Fountain Hill

Join us for one of the Lehigh Valley’s most fun 5Ks – thru the flat & hilly streets of Fountain Hill – right next to Bethlehem. Despite three hills, this course is fast and fun. WALKERS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED. Accurately measured course, splits every mile, 5-year age divisions, refreshments and prizes at the finish. Changing, toilet and shower facilities available. Take a dip in the pool afterward! First 200 entrants get a race t-shirt. All race proceeds go to the George Yasso and James Skelly Scholarship Funds which award scholarships to two local scholar-athletes each year - - 4 $1,000 scholarships!

RACE DATE & TIME: Saturday, August 1, 2009 9:00 am


WHERE: Fountain Hill Community Pool at 1445 Speigel Street in Fountain Hill (near Bethlehem), Pennsylvania

Just 2 miles away from PA’s newest casino, The Sands


ENTRY FEE: $17 ($20 day of race), $10 for h.s. students or younger


TO REQUEST A PDF OF ENTRY FORM: Attached as a pdf here: 09-yasso-5k-brochure

 or send an email to


MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: George Yasso Memorial 5K


George Yasso Memorial 5K

3002 Oakland Road

Bethlehem, PA  18020

Check out Facebook Page too!



1. JOHN FRIES HWY/PA-663. 2. Turn LEFT onto N WEST END BLVD/PA-309. Continue on 309 N. 3. Turn RIGHT onto PA-378. 4. Turn LEFT onto SEIDERSVILLE RD. 5. Turn RIGHT onto BROADWAY. 6. Turn LEFT onto DODSON ST. 7. Turn RIGHT onto SPIEGEL ST. FROM THE EAST – 1. I-78 W. 2. Take the PA-412/ HELLERTOWN exit, EXIT 67, toward BETHLEHEM. 3. Turn RIGHT onto PA-412/ HELLERTOWN RD. Continue on 412. 4. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto E 4TH ST. 5. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto BROADWAY/ PA-412. Continue to follow BROADWAY. 6. Turn RIGHT onto SMILEY AVE. 7. Turn LEFT onto SPIEGEL ST.


1. US-222 N toward ALLENTOWN. 2. Merge onto US-222 N via the exit on the LEFT toward ALLENTOWN. 3. Turn SLIGHT LEFT to stay on US-222 N. 4. Merge onto I-78 E/ PA-309 S. 5. Take EXIT 59 toward PA-145/ SUMMIT LAWN. 6. Turn LEFT onto W ROCK RD. 7. Turn LEFT onto S PIKE AVE/ PA-145. Continue to follow PA-145. 8. Turn RIGHT onto W EMMAUS AVE. 9. Turn LEFT onto SEIDERSVILLE RD. (follow same directions for South, #4 thru #7.)


1. I-78 E via EXIT 89 toward ALLENTOWN. 2. Take EXIT 59 toward PA-145/SUMMIT LAWN. 3. Turn LEFT onto W ROCK RD. 4. Turn LEFT onto S PIKE AVE/PA-145. Continue to follow PA-145. 5. Turn RIGHT onto W EMMAUS AVE. 6. Turn LEFT onto SEIDERSVILLE RD. (follow same directions for South, #4 thru #7.)



1. I-380 S via EXIT 4 toward MT POCONO. 2. Merge onto I-80 E via EXIT 1B on the LEFT toward STROUDSBURG. 3. Merge onto PA-33 S via EXIT 302A toward US-209 S/SNYDERSVILLE. 4. Merge onto US-22 W toward BETHLEHEM/ALLENTOWN. 5. Merge onto PA-378 S toward BETHLEHEM. 6. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BROADWAY. 7. Turn RIGHT onto SMILEY AVE. 8. Turn LEFT onto SPIEGEL ST.


The Yasso family looks forward to meeting you and running with us!

G’day Bart from Pete in Oz

pete-bartIt’s always nice to hear from runners I meet during my travels. At the Big Sur Marathon six weeks ago I was asked “Mate, could you sign my Footy Jumper?”  I knew the Aussie wanted me to sign something for him, something I’d never signed before but what the heck is a “Footy Jumper”?  I’ve since found out it was quite an honor to sign Pete’s running singlet.

Here’s an email message I recently received from Pete, the Australian runner I met at BSIM:



G’day Bart!
Mate, it was awesome to meet you at the recent Big Sur Marathon.
I got home 3 days ago after nearly 7 weeks in USA and I had the time of my life!  I loved the hospitality of the American people and the natural beauty of the country. 
And Big Sur didn’t disappoint me in any way!  As you know, I set myself for this run a very long time ago and it was the very reason that I came to America to realise a long held ambition.  I’m proud that I made the journey and finished the race – it won’t be my last!  I’m hoping to qualify for Boston next year (I need to run a 3:20 or better in the Sydney Marathon in 16 weeks time - I’m already in training and doing my “Yasso 800′s”!) and when I get there, I’m keen to do the Boston-Big Sur double only 6 days apart!  That sounds like my kind of challenge, and as you say, Bart – “Never limit where running can take you”!
Anyway, mate, thanks again for your hospitality and friendliness whilst in Monterey.  I treasure my Footy Jumper that you signed for me with your famous Big Sur quote (which inspired me to do the run in the first place).
Here’s an Email I put together for a few of my mates back home in Australia to showcase what a special run the Big Sur is, and to thank them for their comraderie in training with me to realise a goal.  You’ll see a picture of your good self at the end of the Email and it was a big highlight for me to rub shoulders with yourself, Charlie Engle, and some other running royalty.  Thanks again, Bart, and best wishes to you and family.
Pete Frayne
Victoria, Australia
Photo Caption from Pete: Ok, now for a bit of running Royalty..  This bloke is dubbed the “Mayor of Running”, and all jokes aside, he is the very reason that I not only wanted to do the Big Sur Marathon, but actually became aware of it in the first instance.  About 20 years ago, long before I’d run beyond 10kms and had dreamed of one day running a marathon, I picked up a “Runners World” magazine (US Edition)..  The magazine compared and described some of the best marathons run in the USA/Worldwide at that time, and was written by Bart Yasso (below).  His famous quote was “If we were told that we could run only one marathon in our lifetime, Big Sur would have to be it”.  I never forgot the quote, nor the marathon.  Bart Yasso has run marathons/Ultra marathons all over the world – including one on every Continent (yes, Antartica included) – and through places like Death Valley, Rift Valley, North Pole, and with Zulu warriors, bare-assed nudists, eskimos, and has been chased by Rhino’s in Southern Nepal, etc..  He’s just about done it all in his capacity as reporter/journalist/competitor over the years and has set many records.  He is also the inventor of “Yasso 800′s” (Ozzie, Stevo, Sean, Al, and Riss would all be familiar with this training regime), and he is an Author, Multi Race Patron, and Motivational Speaker.
But above anything else, Bart Yasso is a ripping great bloke.  I met him at the “Runner’s Expo” prior to race day where he signed the back of my Hawk’s guernsey with his famous Big Sur quote (see above) and we chatted for a while.  I told him that he was the very reason I was here to do the Big Sur, and he was genuinely humbled and honoured that I would come all the way from Australia to do this race.  The race organisers (Bob, Wally, etc) also ran with my story, and I was treated like a V.I.P. after that!  Bart mentioned me in his presentation at the Runner’s Forum, and after that we chatted a few times both before and after the race.  Here we are outside the “V.I.P. Tent” at the Finish (an area that I was ushered into by the Race Director!).


Photos of Alexis’s Kayak Escape/Rescue from Cuba


Referring to my blog post of April 30th, 2009: How Alexis Garcia Got To Big Sur

Some of you asked to see Alexis Garcia’s photos of hiskayak escape / rescue off the Florida coast. He just recently saw these photos for the first time and his wife Marlene was kind enough to can them and send them to me. I’ve also included some pix ofthe Garcia’s and me from Big Sur.