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Rock n Roll San Diego ~ The Bart & Ryan Show at Nissan

Coming to San Diego this weekend for the Rock n Rll Marathon or know someone who is? Stop by the Nissan Booth and Seminar Stage and say hello. I’ll be doing a book signing and autographs with Ryan Hall. I’ll also be hosting the Team in Training Past Party on Saturday night. And we’ll be at the Finish Line Festival on Sunday too. See you there!


My San Diego Schedule:


Saturday Date: May 30th, 2009


11:00-11:30: Training Tips Seminar with Ryan Hall

Seminar Stage at expo moderator me– San Diego Convention Center


12:00-1:00: Intro Ryan and autograph session Ryan Hall appearance at the Nissan Booth


6:00: Team in Training Pasta Party (Nissan master representative)




11:30-12:30: Intro Ryan Hall appearance autograph session at the Nissan Booth

          Finish Festival – Point Loma, Marine Corps Recruit Depot


50 Books – FREE to the 1st 50 runners @ the Gate City Striders workout (Nashua, NH) courtesy of Saucony.



50 Books – FREE to the 1st 50 runners @ the Gate City Striders workout  in Nashua, New Hampshire (near Manchester) courtesy of Saucony.

I’m heading up there via Philly airport as we speak.

Bermuda’s 100-year-old Derby Half Marathon


At the age of 53 I can still have “firsts.” And according to the race organizers of Bermuda’s Derby Half Marathon, I was the first U.S. citizen to participate in the 100th running of this race in the beautiful capitol city of Hamilton. Whether or not that “first” is true, it’s a great race. It was also my longest run – and most painful – since I ran with my wife at her 100th marathon at Lake Mead in January.

Bermuda Derby Half Marathon: The event’s history is rich and starts on May 24th of 1909 when a small group of locals (Somerset) runners organized a race around the Sound called the “Go As You Please Race.” Unbeknownst to them, a group of British soldiers, who had recently participated in cross country events, noticed the race and issued a challenge that was readily accepted by the Somerset runners. The race has evolved and is no longer a “go as you please” event. This year, the approx. 1,000 participants raised more than $100,000 that will be distributed to 10 select charities. 
I am coming back to Bermuda for more!
The Bermuda Triangle Challenge happens in mid-January. I may incorporate some golfing into my triangle but here’s what’s in store: 
3 races ( a 1-mile on Friday night, a 10K on Saturday, and your choice of a half marathon or marathon on Sunday) in 3 days and the best: 4 shirts & 4 finisher’s medals. Where else can you do that?
Contact me or check:
Mark your calendars: January 15-17, 2010.

Book Report on youtube

It’s always fun to see what other shave to say about my book. One fan, Sean Hollick did a little informal book report you can findon youtube. 

From Sean: I hope you dont mind but i made a quick video about your book on YouTube you can watch the video here: 

I enjoyed your book sooo much the only thing that sucked about it was the last page! I wish it would have gone for a thousand more pages :)  
Hope you dont mind me making this video. 

Thanks Sean!

The Warriors Tour To Iraq Becoming a Reality

Many of you have been writing and asking me when Iwill be in Iraq and exaclty what bases I will be visiting as part of the Warriors Tour arranged by Rob Powers. As may of you have family and friends – servicemen and women over there. Our speakers on the tour will include Olympian Frank Shorter, astronaut Sandra Magnus and marathon champ Dan Browne. While we do have dates now – July  6th thru the 16th. It’s likely I won’t know all of the bases we will be touring – - until we arrive in Iraq. If we do know ahead of time – they will be listed on the website:

You can also join the casue on facebook:



As overseas troops protect our freedom, razor wire and security posts keep out more than the enemy. Confined to a military base, our soldiers battle daily with limited freedom, isolation and distance from their homes and families. From triple-digit heat to the constant throbbing of the sounds of war – whether military exercises or true exchange of fire – physical and mental stress runs high.

Enter the Warrior Tours – an opportunity for the men and women who sacrifice so much for our peace of mind to enjoy a bit of their own. We take some of America’s best sporting events to the troops, giving them a chance to connect with home while they enjoy a change of pace from the tensions of active duty. It’s a source of physical and mental release that is as good for their bodies as for their spirits.
Troops Race
Overseas Events
A few days before a stateside major event, the Warrior Tours crew and special guests touch down at an overseas military installation, bringing the energy and fanfare of the event to the troops. With plenty of opportunity for celebrity “meet and greets,” lots of “swag”, and the rockin’ good time of a live appearance by bands like CatchPenny, the Armed Forces Entertainers of the Year, it’s a turbo-boost for morale. And, then there is the chance for some friendly competition and de-stressing as the soldiers compete in the base’s own version of the stateside sporting event. We also host interviews, film the race action and record “shoutouts” and dedications from each soldier who has a message for his family, friends, employers and community back home.

Stateside Connections
The Warrior Tour crew returns to the states and shares the photos, videos and audio clips with national and local media outlets and through social networking sites. More important, we integrate the media into the stateside major event so that participants and fans alike are reminded to keep their eyes on the prize that’s even bigger than a race victory or personal best: freedom.

Troops Race

Putting It All Together
The Warrior Tours are all about connections: connecting the troops with home…connecting stateside communities with the faces and personal stories of those who keep them safe…connecting the friends and families of soldiers with a sense of peace and pride that their loved ones are not only okay, but also recognized and respected for their mission of honor…and finally, connecting sporting events that bridge the time and miles until our troops return safely home.


America’s races salutes the troops with 2009 July hosts 
Rob Powers and Bart Yasso.

Message from The Warrior Tours Co-Hosts: Rob Powers and Bart Yasso
We’ve been fortunate to enjoy connections with some of the world’s most prestigious events, including the Olympics. The excitement of working with and competing against some of the most talented and dedicated athletes in the world has been a true honor. Now, though, we share an even greater sense of honor in our roles as co-hosts for the Warrior Tours. We are very proud to help connect servicemen and women with the people whose freedom they ensure through the sport of running. We hope you’ll stay on track with us as we follow the course of those who go the distance for us every day, America’s soldiers!

Rob Powers, America’s Voice of Running since 1988,  is a former U.S. National Team Athlete and Olympic Teams Coach, Former US Armed Forces Sports Program Athlete, who served our country during the 1980′s as a member of the 2-172 Mountain Infantry Brigade. Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World Magazine, also dubbed the “Mayor of Running,” is among the few to complete races on all seven continents. He developed the Yasso 800s marathon training schedule and authored My Life on the Run.

Our speakers wil include: THE WARRIOR TOURS SPECIAL GUESTS

Born on an Army base in Germany, and 24-time national champion, Shorter captured the Olympic Gold Medal in 1972 in the city of his birth (Munich). It was this performance that inspired the distance running boom in the U.S. He went on to claim the Silver Medal in the 1976 Olympics and was inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame in 1984.

NASA Astronaut Sandra Magnus knows more than a little something about the need for fitness and endurance over long distances. Among her impressive work for NASA, she has traveled more than 4.5 million miles and spent three months in space as flight engineer and science officer for space station operation and repair missions. We’re looking forward to this “first” of an astronaut promoting fitness in a combat area of operation. 

Browne earned All-American Honors and graduated from West Point in 1997. He received his lieutenant’s commission and signed onto the Army’s World Class Athlete Program. Dan will be joining us on later Warriors Tour events, as he has recently been named to the 2009 World Championships Marathon Team. Because of his strong support for our mission, we are pleased to recognize Dan as an honorary staff member until he is able to actively join us for the overseas events. 




Video of My Visit to the Maine Running Company

After a whirlwind trip to the Cleveland Marathon and before I leave for Bermuda tomorrow morning I made a very quick trip to Portland, Maine and spoke at the Maine Running Company. (Saucony was kind enough to give 50 of my books away to the first 50 people who showed up.) Thanks to Blaine at  RunToWin for making the video:

Cleveland Rocks, Patrick Rocks


Me and Charles Elkins at the Medina County RR book signing.

Me and Charles Elkins at the Medina County RR book signing.

Back to Cleveland, Ohio – home of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. The Cleveland Marathon, in it’s 32nd year is one of the 50 oldest marathons in the country. It’s a great weekend of events complete with a huge half marathon and 10K and a ton of race-realted activities to do before race day. I was one of four guest speakers  including Doug Kurtis, Anne Audain and Bill Rodgers. Two nights before the race I spoke to the Medina County Road Runners (see photo of me w/Charles Elkins) and was introduced to a young high school kid named Patrick. Patrick reminds me of myself or myself had I been a runner in high school. His h.s. coach told him he could not run a marathon. Patrick said fine and instead he ran a 50K and later went onto run a 60K which he won outright. He’s been training with U.S. national 24-hour champ, ultrarunner Mark Godale. I’m impressed.


First Marathon at Age 55!

One of the great things about working in the running industry and writing the book is the stories I hear. Here’s a great one from Steve that made my day…

Hi Bart,
I read “My Life On The Run” and wanted to thank you for giving me the 
tools to run my first marathon at age 55. I have been running for the 
past 2 years and had run a couple 10 milers and half marathons but 
didn’t feel that I could find a training program that would allow my 
body to train for a marathon without breaking down. My wife bought me 
your book and I really enjoyed it. I was intrigued by “The Perfect 10 
Marathon” that you discussed and decided to give it a try. I live in 
Sea Isle City NJ and planned to run in the Ocean Drive Marathon. I 
began following your program on 11/10, with the marathon to be run on 
3/29(my wife’s birthday-I doubt she’ll be giving me anymore books!). I 
did all my training outdoors throughout the winter and even though it 
was difficult at times, I was surprised that I was able to keep up. I 
was almost as happy that I was able to successfully train for a 
marathon than I was in running it.
However, when race day came, it was one of the most rewarding 
experiences of my life. I had friends and family members support me 
along the way, my daughter even ran across the bridge from Avalon to 
Sea Isle at mile 23 with me because she knew I was hitting the wall. I 
ran every step of the way and came in under my goal of 5 hours (4:50). 
More amazingly, I ran the first 13.1 miles 5 minutes faster than I ran 
my last half marathon! It took me about 10 days to recover but I’m out 
running again and plan to do the Broad Street Run, the Philadelphia 
Distance Run and hopefully the Philadelphia Marathon in November.
Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge. It really made 
a difference for me.

My Top 10 in USA Today

From this weekend’s USA Today:

10 great places for runners to hit the road

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"The granddaddy of all marathons": The first wave of runners in the 113th Boston Marathon make their way down the course April 20.
By Stephan Savoia, AP
“The granddaddy of all marathons”: The first wave of runners in the 113th Boston Marathon make their way down the course April 20.
Before the summer heat really hits, lace up your sneakers and do a little sightseeing while racing through town. Bart Yasso, chief running officer at Runner’s World, shares his list of great road races where runners can tour the city with Kelly DiNardo for USATODAY.



Boston Marathon
“This is the granddaddy of all marathons,” Yasso says. “It’s the most prestigious and historic.” The race — the oldest annual marathon in the country — takes place on Patriots’ Day, aMassachusetts holiday on the third Monday of April that commemorates the start of the Revolutionary War (next race: April 19, 2010). The entire city gets behind the runners, including the Boston Red Sox. The team always plays a home game at 10 a.m. so fans can cheer runners on as they race pastFenway Park before finishing in front of the John Hancock Building. 508-435-6905,

Twin Cities Marathon
Minneapolis/St. Paul 
The race, which also offers a 10-mile option, starts in downtownMinneapolis before leading runners along several lakes, the banks of the Mississippi, then through St. Paul before ending in front of the Capitol. “It’s run in October during peak foliage,” Yasso says. “And every time you look up, you’re near a lake. You get the combination of a really scenic course and a tour of the city. It’s spectacular.” This year’s date: Oct. 4. 763-287-3888,

The Monument Avenue 10K
Richmond, Va. 
This 6.21-mile race, to be held next on March 27, 2010, takes runners down tree-lined Monument Avenue, which is dotted with historic statues and surrounded by beautiful Southern homes. “You get the sense that Richmond really was the capital of the south,” says Yasso, who explains it’s also a very festive race. There are bands that play along the course and a costume contest. “It’s a big party,” Yasso says. 804-285-9495,

San Francisco Marathon
San Francisco 
The marathon, which includes a half-marathon option, loops runners through the city’s funky neighborhoods, then out and back on the Golden Gate Bridge, this year on July 26. “On a clear day, you get the best views of the city,” Yasso says. “Every once in a while, it’s completely fogged in. You hear the foghorns on the ships below you, but you can’t see anything. It’s so surreal. That’s also part of the mystique of San Francisco.” 888-958-6668,

Miami Marathon
This race, to be held next on Jan. 31, 2010, starts before sunrise to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and takes runners across a causeway into South Beach. “All the art deco lights are lit up and the clubbers are just heading home,” Yasso says. “It’s funny to see these Paris Hilton look-alikes cheering for you. It really shows off what the city is about.” The race, which has a half-marathon option, also takes runners through Miami’s neighborhoods and past where all the cruise ships are docked. 305-278-8668,

Vermont City Marathon
Burlington, Vt. 
“It’s a hippie enclave and college town,” says Yasso of Burlington. The May 24 race, which takes runners alongLake Champlain and through the city’s neighborhoods, lets you experience the city’s free spirit. “Most people cheering for you are wearing tie-dye and playing the Grateful Dead,” says Yasso. “At mile 15, there’s a hill and they have this ensemble of drummers playing at the base to get the runners pumped. It all speaks to the artsy vibe of the city.” 800-880-8149,

Philadelphia Marathon
“As a tourist, it would take a couple of days to see everything you see when running this race,” Yasso says. The marathon, which includes a half-marathon option, starts and finishes at the Philadelphia Art Museum with its “Rocky steps.” In between, runners see City Hall, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall before winding along the Schuylkill River and Boathouse Row. Next race: Nov. 22. 215-683-2122,

Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona Marathon
This race, to be held Jan. 17, 2010, takes runners through Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe. “You’re surrounded by mountains, but you’re on the valley floor,” Yasso says. “You get to see the mountains, but you’re not running them.” Participants also pass beautiful hotels and spas like the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa. “After the race, runners spoil themselves with spa treatments,” Yasso says. “There’s nothing better than a mud bath and a massage after a marathon.” 800-311-1255,

Chicago Marathon
Runners get a real tour of the city during the Chicago Marathon, which starts and finishes at Grant Park and weaves through almost 30 neighborhoods and along Lake Michigan on Oct. 11. In each neighborhood, crowds come out. “It’s a very spectator-friendly race,” Yasso says. “All the people who live there come out in droves and cheer. You feel like you have an intimate look at the city because you really see the people that make up Chicago.” 312-904-9800,

Cooper River Bridge Run
Charleston, S.C. 
This 10K race in Charleston, S.C., to be held next on March 27, 2010, starts outside the city and takes runners across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, the longest cable-strung bridge in the USA. “You get amazing views of Charleston as you cross over the bridge,” Yasso says. The race then takes you into the historic section of the city to Marion Square. “It’s one of the prettiest towns, and the race gives you both a skyline view from the bridge and a more intimate look at the city.” 843-856-1949,

Santa Barbara Wine Country: My New Fave Triple Crown of Running


Break for lunch at Rusack Winery

Break for lunch at Rusack Winery

What a great weekend in Santa Ynez for the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon. Our arrival in Santa Barbara on Thursday was a bit surreal. We were enjoying a late lunch with ‘ritas on State Street as ash from the nearby fire was raining down on us. An hour later I was doing a book signing and talk at the Double Tree resort in SB – the beautiful beach and Pacific Ocean in front of us and a raging fire in the Los Padres National Forest behind us. We were able to do the short 30 minute drive up to Santa Ynez just before authorities close down Highway 154. (Highway 101 was open and a safe alternative throughout the weekend). My wife Laura got some spectacular photos from the passenger seat as we made our way to our B & B in Santa Ynez. Once in this beautiful wine country – also horse country  - all else was fine and calm. Air quality was healthy and the races – far from the fire were a go.


The day prior to the half marathon and relay got started with a bike tour I lead which followed the awesome 13.1 mile race route the next day – Santa Ynez thru Los Olivos (much of the movie “Sideways” was shot here) to the finish in the little Danish village of Solvang with time for a wonderful lunch at the beautiful Rusack Winery. But the wining didn’t end there – we continued later that evening with a relaxing wine tasting and appetizers at the gorgeous Roblar Winery in Los Olivos. I showed my slide show as well. So those were the first two parts of my triple crown of running – after the Saturday events – which were sold out well in advance. Following the race awards ceremony which was staged with wine tasting on Solvang town square, Race Director Matt Dockstetter, race announcer extraordinaire Whit Raymond and myself hosted a tour that took us to half a dozen wineries for those who wanted to further dehydrate themselves after their runs – complete with chauffeur – and the perfect triple crown in my opinion – a great alternative for those of us who didn’t run but wanted to experience this very special part of California. Remember this race sells out fast so sign up for 2010 asap. Check for more information.

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